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Our qualified Registered nurses provide the best quality care for your complex needs; our staff have experience working across the cultural background, nursing homes, and hospital environments. We ensure that even when you need a professional nurse’s support to be with you, we will be there even during a difficult time. Our Nursing care services, including

Australia's Community Nursing Care, NDIS Australia 

Individuals with complex medical needs can access community nursing care through the NDIS. Nurses with expertise in community health are available to address the unique support needs of people with disabilities. Upon registering with the NDIS, participants can receive community nursing care immediately, if it is already included in their plan.

If community nursing care is not already included in a participant’s plan, they may still access this support in one of two ways. Firstly, they can purchase community disability nurse support from their allocated plan budget. Alternatively, state health services may continue to provide disability-related health support, and the NDIA will work with state health services to review and transfer these plans to the NDIS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access community nursing care through the NDIS?

To access community nursing care through the NDIS, individuals must first register with the scheme and have it included in their plan. Community nursing care may already be included in some plans, or it can be purchased using allocated plan budget. State health services may also provide disability-related health support, which can be transferred to the NDIS through a review process.

Community nursing care can be particularly beneficial for individuals with complex medical needs. Nurses with expertise in community health can provide specialized support to manage complex conditions, such as chronic illnesses or disabilities. This support can enable individuals to live more independently and comfortably within their community.

Individuals with complex medical needs who require ongoing nursing care and support may be eligible for Community Nursing and Complex Care. Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific program or service, but typically include factors such as medical condition, disability type, and level of support required.

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