Community Participation & Group Programs

We know the importance of getting involved in your local community, participating in recreational activities and spending quality time with your loved ones for hours or days.

Group programs are a great way to build friendships with someone with similar interests. Our support staff provides support for interactive group activity sessions. We aim to increase participants’ social and community participation and make the session livelier and more enjoyable.

Our support team loves organising a group short or extended tour and giving a chance to participate in outdoor activities beyond the ordinary routine. Our support team makes this possible. Our team love to organise activities, for example

NDIS Innovative Community Participation

Participation in community life is essential for everyone, yet people with disabilities often face barriers that can prevent them from fully engaging in their communities. These barriers can be physical, such as lack of access, or social and psychological, which can be more challenging to overcome. The NDIS Innovative Community Participation program is designed to address these barriers and provide individuals with the necessary skills and support to actively participate in their community.

The program aims to equip participants with the social and interpersonal skills they need to lead a full and active life in their community. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for NDIS Community Participation & Group Programs?

Individuals with disabilities who require support to participate in community life are eligible for NDIS Community Participation & Group Programs. Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific program or service, but typically include factors such as disability type, support needs, and individual goals and aspirations.

NDIS Community Participation & Group Programs can include a range of support options, such as social and recreational activities, skill-building workshops, and community-based programs. These programs are designed to support individuals with disabilities to actively participate in their community and achieve their goals.

To access NDIS Community Participation & Group Programs, individuals need to be registered with the NDIS and have an approved plan that includes funding for these services. Participants can work with their NDIS planner or support coordinator to identify suitable programs and services that meet their needs and goals.

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