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When the time comes to look after ourselves, most of the time, we neglect our feet. Healthy feet are a vital part of overall wellbeing. Foot problems can have a massive problem on the quality of life. Healthy feet are essential for everyone. Foot care is especially important for people with specific conditions such as diabetes, which can cause foot problems. It is also crucial for infants and children whose feet are still developing. Podiatrists are experts in the foot, ankle and lower limb health. Podiatrists assess, diagnose, treat and manage conditions of the feet and legs.

They can help to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Podiatry and foot care supports

Podiatry and foot care supports are an essential part of managing conditions that affect your feet, ankles, and legs. If you have a disability that affects sensation to your feet or limits your ability to perform daily activities, you may be eligible for NDIS-funded podiatry and foot care supports. These supports can help you manage your foot problems and improve your overall quality of life.

At NDIS, we can fund podiatry and foot care supports if they are related to your disability and if they help you perform daily living activities. These supports may include specialized shoes or orthotics, funding for foot care treatments, or other necessary equipment. It’s important to note that these supports are only available if you need them due to your disability, and not for general foot care needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a podiatrist and what services do they provide?

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions related to feet, ankles, and lower limbs. Podiatrists can provide a range of services including assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and management of foot-related conditions such as skin and nail problems, foot injuries, and musculoskeletal issues.

To access podiatry services under NDIS, you must have an approved NDIS plan that includes funding for podiatry and foot care supports. You can then find a registered NDIS podiatrist or foot care provider and arrange for services to be delivered.

Yes, NDIS may fund podiatry and foot care supports if they are related to your disability and help you undertake activities of daily living. These supports might include specialized shoes, orthotics, or funding to treat foot problems.

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